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Tree Plantation Paragraph for class 6, 7, 8, 9, ssc and hsc

Tree plantation paragraph for ssc

Write a paragraph on ‘Tree Plantation’ answering the following questions.

(i) What supply us with oxygen?

(ii) What do we get from trees?

(iii) Why is our country going to become a desert?

(iv) Who observes tree planting week every year?

(v) Why should we plant more trees?

Tree Plantation

Trees are an integral part of our life and environment. Life on earth depends entirely on trees. A moment without the oxygen that trees provide us, the light of our life will surely go out. Again we get food and furniture from trees.

But we are cutting down trees in such numbers that the country will become a treeless desert and the existence of all of us is threatened. Hence, the Bangladesh government, realizing the importance of trees, conducts a tree planting week every year.

It encourages us all to plant more trees for a better future. Nowadays, people spontaneously advocate planting trees because they understand the importance of trees. Many trees have been planted along highways, coastal areas and in forests in recent years.

We must continue our tree planting program and we must encourage our villagers to plant more trees and take care of them. Otherwise, we will pollute our atmosphere with carbon dioxide and thus cause our downfall. A tree is also a big savings for the next generation.

Paragraph:- E-learning paragraph for class 6, 7, 8, 9, ssc and hsc

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