Eve Teasing for class 8 and 9

Eve-teasing Paragraph for ssc and hsc

Write a paragraph on ‘Eve-teasing’ answering the following questions.

(i) Where does eve-teasing happen?

(ii) What is the result of eve-teasing?

(iii) Who is blamed for eve-teasing?

(iv) What is the feeling of its sufferers?

(v) How should it be protected?


There are constant teases in the lives of Bangladeshi girls and women. Eve teasing is a shocking experience for women. It can leave deep psychological scars that can be difficult to heal. Teasing has led to many unpleasant events in the lives of women.

Deluded parents are concerned about their daughters’ safety and pride, as it could literally destroy their future. Most often, the victims, that is, women, are blamed for the incident on the eve of bullying. It’s as if men are given a license to engage in any kind of lewd behavior and can get away with it.

The patriarchal nature of our society has not been able to handle incidents of frontal teasing in the right perspective. No one can explain the underlying burden of being bullied and sexually harassed better than a woman who has been through it.

Victims of pre-bullying experience feelings of helplessness, anger and frustration at not being able to do anything about the incident. The incident on the eve of bullying permanently damages the psyche of the victims. This makes them suspicious of everything in life.

Sexual or other forms of harassment also affect women’s personal and academic development. This experience leaves them bitter and wary for the rest of their lives. The government, as well as conscious citizens, should come to the defense before the teaser.

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