how to use internet paragraph

Paragraph how to use internet for class 6, 7 and 8

The Internet is a complex set of useful features and functions. When we are on the Internet, our computer is connected to other telephone wires, cables, and satellites. It allows people to quickly share large amounts of information, images, video and audio. The internet is easy to use.

An important part of the Internet is the World Wide Web (WWW). This includes millions of pages containing information on almost any topic we can think of. A group of linked pages is called a “website”. To get to a website, you need to either know its address or search for it using a “search engine”.

It is very important to watch the placement of dots and slashes in these addresses. Search engines are websites that find things for us when we give them a “keyword” or words to search for. An example of a search engine is “Google”. We type in ‘keywords’ – eg ‘Bangladesh cricket board’ and hit ‘enter’ or ‘google search’.

We soon learn that a site can appear in our search just because the words “Bangladesh cricket” and “board” appear in the same sentence somewhere on the site. However, search engines provide information on how to “refine” our search. As with most things, practice improves our skills.

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