summer vacation Paragraph for class

Summer Vacation Paragraph

Imagine you went to, your native village on the occasion of summer vacation to teach some illiterate village people. Write a paragraph on this answering the following questions.

(i) What decision did you take to spend the vacation?

(ii) What was the reason of your taking the decision?

(iii) Who were your students?

(iv) What did you teach them?

(v) How did you feel?

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I usually spent my profession in my native village or stay at any tourist place in Bangladesh. Last year, he spent his summer vacation in his native village. Our country is overpopulated. Again, most people are illiterate. They cannot read or write.

They do not know about education, health, family planning, scientific methods of cultivation. But education is the foundation of a nation. No nation can move forward and progress without education. It is a pity that most people in our country are far from the light of education, which is a prerequisite for the country’s progress.

Ignorance is like darkness. So some of my friends and I decided to remove the ignorance. We took ten old illiterates and finally carried out our plan. During the holidays we taught them about the need for good health, family planning and scientific methods of cultivation.

I thank the Almighty that I was able to render invaluable services to the suffering humanity of my village. So I feel proud.

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