My Garden Paragraph for class 10

My Garden Paragraph

Write a paragraph on  ‘My Garden’ answering the following questions.

(a) Where have you made the garden?

(b) How have you fenced it?

(c) What have you planted in it?

(d) What do you do in the morning and in the evening?

(e) How do you feel when you see the plants are blossomed in flowers?

(f) What is the effect of gardening?

My Garden

I have a garden in front of the reading room. Whenever I have time, I work in it. I loosen the soil and weed the grass with a spade. I water the plants regularly. I also put a fence around the garden so that cattle or naughty children cannot harm me in the garden. In the morning, my heart leaps for joy (CD (ST) to see my garden full of different flowers.

It spreads (1) a sweet fragrance. The garden also looks very lovely. In one corner I grow different kinds of vegetables in the garden. The beauty and sweet smell of different flowers makes me happy. O during the holidays I work more in the garden. When my friends come to our house, I take them to my garden and show them different flowers.

They are very happy to see my garden and thank me. It has improved my body and mind. Before starting this garden, I was a boy with bad health. I didn’t feel hungry. I lost my appetite. I became weaker day by day. I started a garden to keep me healthy and my health actually improved.

I work in the garden for at least two hours every day, it made me the blood flows well.

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