preparation for the ssc exam

Preparation for the ssc exam dialogue

You are Jamal. Your Dakhil Exam is near at hand. Your friend Jabir meets you. Now, write a dialogue between you and Jabir about your preparation for the Dakhil Exam.

Myself:-  Good evening, Jabir.

Jabir : Good evening. How are you?

Myself: Very well. But I am afraid of the examination.

Jabir : Haven’t you completed your courses? My preparation in English is not so well.

Myself: Don’t worry. I am sure you will be able to cover up. How is your preparation in mathematics?

Jabir : My preparation in mathematics is well. I am afraid I may not do well in English.

Myself: English is difficult to all. You have sharp memory and you will do good. But my preparation in mathematics is not good.

Jabir : Practice mathematics more and more.

Myself: Thank you for your suggestion.

Jabir : Thank you.

Dialogue:- Dialogue লেখার নিয়ম

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