about your plan after the ssc examination dialogue

Dialogue about your plan after the ssc examination

Suppose, you are Hasib and your friend is Hasan. Write a dialogue between you and your friend about your plan after the Dakhil examination.

Myself: Hello Hasan! How have you done in the examination?

Hasan : Quite well. What about you?

Myself: I have done well.

Hasan: When do you think the result will be published?

Myself: It may take two months. What will you do during this period?

Hasan: I have decided to improve my English efficiency and for that I want to be admitted to a special English course in British Council.

Myself: That is a very good idea as it will help you a lot in the future. We need English in all areas of life.

Hasan : Have you planned anything to do?

Myself: Yes, I like to spend these days in my village house. There I will, together with some other friends, teach the illiterate adults.

Hasan: That’s of course a noble idea.

Myself: I shall be very happy if you visit me at our village.

Hasan: Of course, I’ll visit you. Thank you.

Myself: You’re welcome

Dialogue:- Dialogue illiteracy problems of Bangladesh

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