Our Neighbours Paragraph for class

Our Neighbours Paragraph

Write a paragraph on  ‘Our Neighbours’ answering the following questions.

(a) Who are your neighbours?

(b) Who help you more than your relatives?

(c) How do you and your neighbours co-operate?

(d) How should the poor neighbours be helped?

(e) How can we live peacefully in the society?

Our Neighbours

People, who live close to our house are generally considered our neighbours. They are our companions in our weal and woe. We get more help from them than that of from our relatives living at distant place. So it is our duty to behave well with our neighbours.

Our neighbours are not bad in any way. They pay a visit off and on. We too visit them and talk with them sincerely and frankly. Thus we share our joys and sorrows together. All of us come forward and co-operate with one another when we face any problem.

If we have a quarrel with one of them, we try to make it up soon, Good neighbourly relationship is important in life. Poor neighbours are often helped with money by us. We even feed them whenever they go without food. We also give them wise counsel when they are in need of it.

If any of our neighbours seems to be wicked, we honestly try to rectify him in all possible ways. Our nature is that we cannot live without friends or well wishers. Social life fosters this relationship.

As a result, peace and amity among the neighbourly people can never be tarnished. And thus we can live peacefully in the society.

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