my favourite game paragraph

Favourite game paragraph

Football is your favourite  game. Now write a paragraph on this answering the following questions.

(i) What type of games do you play?

(ii) Why do you like football most?

(iii) What is the play ground of that game like?

(iv) How is the game played?

My Favourite Game

I play table tennis, badminton, lawn tennis and cricket, but I don’t enjoy them very much. At the same time, they are expensive. My favorite game is soccer. It makes me very happy. It’s not expensive either.

I find it very exciting because there is no dull moment. Football is played on an open field. There are two goal posts on each side of the two opposite ends of the pitch. There is also a center and penalty bench. The game is played between two teams.

Each team has eleven players. Each side has a goalkeeper, two defenders, three half-backs and five forwards. The referee controls the game. The entire game is divided into two equal halves with an interval of ten minutes.

When a team nets the ball into the opponent’s goal, they score a goal, and the side that scores more goals than the other wins.

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