a village fair paragraph for class

A village fair paragraph

Suppose you paid a visit to a village fair. Write a paragraph on this answering the following questions.

(i) On what occasion was the fair held?

(ii) Where was the fair held?

(iii) Why did you go there?

(iv) With whom did you go there?

(v) What did you see there?

(vi) What things did you buy from there?

(vii) How you feel there?

My Visit to A Village Fair

The village pilgrimage is an annual affair. It is a large gathering of village people. Men and women of all ages take great pleasure in visiting a village fair. On the occasion of the Nabanna festival, a fair was held in our village under an ancient banyan tree.

I felt tempted to visit the fair. I went to the fair with some of my friends at 4 in the afternoon. The whole place was full of joy and bustling activity. There were shops of various types.

In the shops there were wooden toys, clay dolls, food, etc. There was also a swing, a merry-go-round, a rope for dancing. I bought sweets, dolls, a vase of flowers, etc. from the fair. It was almost a hectic day for me. I returned home in the evening tired but happy.

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