a journey by bus paragraph for class 7 and 8

A journey by bus paragraph

(a) When did the journey take place?

(b) What was the occasion?

(c) Who else were with you?

(d) How did you enjoy the journey?

(e) What problems did you face during the journey?

A Journey by Bus I Have Made

My companion Jamal serves in Khulna. He welcomed me to pay a visit to Khulna. I acknowledged the welcome happily. On the 5th September I got upon Dhaka-Khulna coach at Gabtali transport stand. I secured a ticket the day some time recently.The transport was to begin at 7. a.m. So I come to Gabtali transport stand at 6 a.m.The seats of the coach were comfortable. Fortunately I had my situate by the window. It was a sunny morning.

The transport cleared out at 7 a.m. The transport begun running at a great speed and before long we were distant from the noise and flurry of the city. Our transport was passing the Savar street. We delighted in wonderful green areas, plantations, and trees on the both sides of the interstate.

I also enjoyed the beautiful lot of the Jahangir Nagar University, the Savar Dairy establishment and Savar Cantonment. The machine was moving ahead leaving behind the trees, houses and small shops on either side of the road. It was really veritably pleasurable to see the green knockouts of nature.

An intriguing part of the trip was crossing the potent swash, the Padma by ferry. Crossing the swash by ferry in the gentle breath was veritably affable. Our machine reached Dauladia ghat. Again I took my seat. The machine began to run at a high speed, we crossed Rajbari and Faridpur on the way.

We also crossed Magura and Jhenaida on the way and reached Jessore city at about 2p.m. I enjoyed the natural beautiful decor on the either side of the high way.

When our machine stopped at Jessore, some passengers got down. Our machine reached Khulna at 330p.m. Sohel entered me at the machine stage. The trip gave me much, pleasure. It was one of the most memorable days in my life.

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